May 7th 2020

Organically Grow Hemp

Raw material inputs are ultra-critical to any production process. To ensure utmost quality and efficacy of our products, we start at top of the value chain by sourcing organically grow USA Hemp from USDA certified Organic farms with climate controlled Green Houses.

Premium Hemp Genetics

OMG has researched and tested Hemp genetic strains from all over the world and identified a top-shelve list of strains that yield highest quality CBD, terpenes, flavonoids and secondary cannabinoids with highest potential health benefits.

We utilize tissue-culture techniques to supply our Organic Certified Farm partners with on-demand contaminant-free tissue culture seedlings.

Clean-Tech Processing & Extraction section with the following:

To optimize purity and absorption, OMG’s CBD is extracted using a Supercritical CO2 method – A super clean extraction process that leaves no residue. Supercritical CO2 allows us to process organically growth hemp to yield clean end-products with more terpenes, resins, or cannabinoids to add further health promoting properties.

Testing and Quality Control

We take pride in our commitment to providing premium-quality CBD Products. Our hemp plant material and CBD undergo rigorous testing throughout the cultivation and production process.

To ensure utmost quality and purity in every batch, our end-products undergo further extensive 3 rd Party testing through independent labs that are approved and licensed by State regulatory agencies.

We Supply to Medical Professionals

After obtaining validating feedback from Medical Professionals with various specialty disciplines and their respective Patients and Customers, we are currently supplying Chiropractors, Pain Management Physicians, Complementary Treatment Therapists and Dispensaries.