Our Mission

OMG thrives to provide utmost premium quality CBD products to empower you to sustain your healthy and active lifestyles.

Our goal is to produce the cleanest and most effective organic-hemp-derived CBD products. We live and breathe our core competencies to produce superior products that you can trust:












Our Beginnings

After enduring horrific accidents that required numerous structural and soft-tissue reconstructive surgeries, our Founders developed lifelong chronic pain conditions such as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and Post-traumatic Arthritis. The pain and treatments continued to hamper the quality of family life decades later. The side effects of narcotic painkillers and real danger of addiction led our Founders to clinically research, explore and ultimately produce Cannabidiol-infused products that have dramatically alleviated their conditions and allowed them to sustain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Currently, CBD-infused products are abundant and easily accessible, from gas stations to health food store to Ecommerce. After years of trials, coupled with mystery shopping and testing audits, we find that vast majority of the products on the market are misleading consumers with inaccurate claims, vastly inconsistent dosage, and failed test results.

After years of research and development in organic cultivation, clean-tech processing, and natural botanical formulas, OMG CBD (Organic Medicine Group) was founded in late 2019.

To ensure efficacy of our products, we launched as wholesale-only for Medical Professionals. After obtaining validating feedback from Chiropractors, Pain Management Physicians, Complementary Treatment Therapist, Dispensaries and their respective Patients and Customers, we launched Direct-to-Consumer and Ecommerce channels in 2020.